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Center-Controlled Rider Pallet Jack 5000lbs. Capacity | EKKO EPC30A

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The EKKO EPC30A Center-Controlled Rider Pallet Jack is designed with the versatility of a pallet jack with full power lifting and driving capabilities. It is ideal for long hauls, loading and unloading trucks, loading docks, stock rooms, manufacturing floors and warehousing.  

Made from high quality steel and components with durable quality drives to withstand any terrain, usage, impact and directional changes for the use of any application with confidence and assurance.  

  • Load Capacity 5000lbs. 
  • Fork Size 27x45
  • Raised Height 7.88"
  • Lowered Height 3.35"
  • Curtis Controller
  • ZF German AC Driver Motor
  • Polyurethane Wheels
  • Steel Entry Wheels
  • Ergonomic Handle and Controls
  • Steel Construction
  • Robotic Welding
  • Charger Included
  • Battery 24V/360Ah Included
  • 3 Years Limited Warranty
Rated loading capacity  Q (LBS) 5000
Load centre c (Inch) 23.6
Distance between fork backrest and front wheel x (Inch) 35.83
Wheel base y (Inch) 81.89
Wheels type   PU
Driving wheel size Φ×w(Inch) Φ9.84×2.95
Bearing wheel size  Φ×w(Inch) Φ3.15×3.35
Balance wheels Φ×w(Inch) Φ4.53×2.17
Wheels, number front/rear (x = driven)   1,2/2
Track width b10 (Inch) 21.26
Track width b11 (Inch) 20.28
Lifting height  h3 (Inch) 7.88"
Overall height h14 (Inch) 42.91
Lowered fork height h13 (Inch) 3.35
Overall length l1 (Inch) 99.09
Body Length l2 (Inch) 58.82
Overall width b1/ b2 (Inch) 31.81
Fork Size s/e/l (Inch) 1.97/6.69/45.3
Fork Width b5 (Inch) 26.97
Min.Ground clearance m2 (Inch) 0.98
Aisle width for pallets 39.37*47.24 crossways Ast (Inch) 107.48
Aisle width for pallets 31.5*47.24 lengthways Ast (Inch) 109.45
Turing Radius Wa (Inch) 89.68
Travel speed,laden/unladen (km/h) 5.2/5.5
Lifting speed, with/without load (mm/s) 23/24
Lowering speed, with/without load (mm/s) 30/20
Maximum climbing ability, with/without load (%) 3/6
Brake Type   Electromagnetic brake
Drive Motor (kW) 1.5
Lift Motor (kW) 0.8
Battery,according to DIN 43531/35/36 A,B,C,no   no
Battery voltage/rate capacity (V/Ah) 24/360
Battery Weight(±5%) (LBS) 680
Steering type   EPS
Type of drive control   AC
Noise level (dB(A)) ≤75
Service weight with battery LBS 2400